Fraser Valley

Rhythmic Gymnastics


Specialty Programs

FVRG understands that your training regiment can and will benefit from diversity of movement and activity. With that in mind we are pleased to be able to offer you a roster of specialty classes that will challenge you to build new and complementary skills. 

Take 5 Sessions
  • Winter 2: February-March
  • Spring 1: April-May
  • Spring 2: May-June

Looking for something personalized? Check out our Private Lessons!

RG Flexibility and Tumbling

8 years +

Rhythmic gymnasts tumble in the most creative ways! Learn the many, many, MANY variations of handstands, elbow stands, cartwheels and walkovers while developing the strength and flexibility to do even more incredible things.

Apparatus Adventures   8 years+

This new 60 minute class is for gymnasts who want to focus on developing more skills and tricks with rhythmic apparatus. Gymnasts will focus on fine tuning basic technique, and learning new things with the rope, hoop, ball and ribbon! 

Gym Skillz

9 years +

Gymnastics is provides athletes with a strong base of movement skills to be successful in any sport. This program will provide athletes with a fun approach to fitness, while building hand-eye coordination and confidence in athletic abilities. 

RG Fitness

19 years +

Gymnasts are among the most fit athletes on the planet. Use gymnastics training methods to bring your fitness program to a new level, and bring fun back to your workout. 

Performance Plus

10 years +

Take skill development to the next level with this personalized program. Gymnasts will have the opportunity to choose learning an individual or a group routine, and will have the option of performing, competing, or take a focus on just skill development. All gymnasts entering this program must first interview with the Head Coach. Gymnasts who wish to train more than once a week can add one additional day of training.

Sport Leadership

11 years +

Sport has the power to develop leadership skills in a unique way. Our Sport Leadership program will work towards building the skill set necessary to be a leader in sport. From event management, to effective communication and conflict resolution, to coaching and group management, participants this program will have the opportunity to explore different areas of sport leadership while discovering their strengths.