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Rhythmic Gymnastics


Specialty Programs

Seasonal Registration available by request, call 604-392-2555

FVRG understands that your training regiment can and will benefit from diversity of movement and activity. With that in mind we are pleased to be able to offer you a roster of specialty classes that will challenge you to build new and complementary skills. NOTE: Please contact us to register for RG Skills or Mental Skills Development.

Rhythmic Tumbling/Contortion

Rhythmic gymnasts tumble in the most creative ways! Learn the many, many, MANY variations of handstands, elbow stands, cartwheels and walkovers while developing the strength and flexibility to do even more incredible things.

Increase flexibility or learn how to safely take advantage of natural flexibility. Athletes will practice a variety of contortion movements, and develop the skills necessary to achieve what is possible for each individual body. Special attention will be paid to safe flexibility development, and developmental considerations for each athlete. Let’s get bendy!

RG Skills

Success in RG requires training flexibility, strength, speed, agility and coordination. This program is designed for competitive rhythmic gymnasts, and others who want to challenge themselves to develop skills such as jumps, balances, turns and tumbling. Participation in this class is strongly recommended for gymnasts registered in Provincial Stream Competitive. 

Mental Skill Development for Athletes

To ensure that hard work and talent doesn’t stay hidden, athletes must make sure they are working on the skills that will enable them to perform at their best, when it’s needed. This program will help athletes find confidence in their performance, while developing their attentional control, emotional control, and goal setting skills. Participation in this class is strongly recommended for gymnasts registered in Provincial Stream and Interclub Competitive.

RG Leadership

This unique program will support athletes growth as individuals and offer them opportunities to gain real world skills and qualifications towards becoming coaches, judges, top-notch volunteers and active leaders in the sport community. The class will include practice and theory from formal coaching education programs, event planning, junior coaching, junior judging, and community participation.