Fraser Valley

Rhythmic Gymnastics


RG Playdate!

Come play! These drop in times are aimed at the under 4 crowd, where parents can play with their children and enjoy conversations with other grown-up and some caffeine. The gym will be set up with equipment for the littles to enjoy as well as some stations to inspire your play. The playdates will be concluded with some fun parachute games!

Mini Playdate

Saturdays, 10:00-10:45am

Begins Saturday, September 14

No classes July/August

Cost: $2.00 per child  

Children and their parents have access to our circuit area! Climb, jump and play for 45 minutes of FUN! 
Older siblings can check out our drop in Try It class at the same time!!

Parents must sign up for an account with FVRG prior to arriving at the playdate, and can choose between paying a single drop-in or pre-loading their account with a credit, which will make each visit smoother and less administrative! Payments can be made with cash, cheque or credit card, or an e-transfer arranged in advance. 

If you are interested in booking a private playdate, please contact us for pricing and gym availability. 


Parents are fully responsible for their children during the playdate, ensuring gym rules are followed. Children who damage gym equipment or who are continually not respectful to others in the gym will be asked not to return.

Due to building occupancy limitations, program maximums will apply.