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Rhythmic Gymnastics

What is Physical Literacy

Physical literacy involves moving with competence and confidence in a variety of ways,that works toward the healthy development of the whole person (Physical and Health Education Canada, 2015)

Physical literacy is as essential as literacy and numeracy, and is only now being recognized as such (Canadian Sport for Life, 2015).

FVRG, Gymnastics and Physical Literacy

“Gymnastics is the basis of all human movement. It provides a solid foundation of important skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and overall body awareness” (Gymnastics BC, 2013).

“Gymnastics is recognized as one of the three foundation sports (along with swimming and athletics) for all other sports by the International Olympic Committee and Sport Canada” (Gymnastics Canada, 2011).

FVRG strives to provide all children with the tools to develop physical literacy. FVRG believes that if children are given the ability to move effectively at a young age, they will be more physically capable in any sport or recreation activity throughout their lives. We also believe that this strategy could have a great impact on the health of our adult population. With the experience that gymnastics provides children for exploring a variety of movement, children will be able to build on those skills in their sport of choice as they grow. We want all children to develop self-confidence in movement regardless of their sport of choice, and to become adults who will want to engage in exercise on a regular basis. We feel that the key to developing a lifelong habit of exercise and physical activity is FUN.

Why is it Important?

Physical literacy builds health and confidence that spans life stages and sectors, those who are physically literate find greater success in:

  • Sport, Exercise and Recreation
  • Performance Arts
  • Vocational
  • Daily Activity
  • Injury Prevention
  • Active participation in daily life

A resource available to assist in the development of physical literacy is the Canadian Sport for Life model, please find more information here: Canadian Sport for Life