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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Gym Family Spotlight

Fraser Valley Rhythmic Gymnastics wouldn't be the fun, energetic and inclusive community that it is without the diverse and fantastic families that join us in programs each week! We are excited to highlight some of these families, and not just the gymnasts, but to celebrate all the members of their families and to explore all the activities that they love, including rhythmic gymnastics. Check back often to meet more members of our Gym Family.

Meet the Marstons

Meet Ella, Sarah, Mya and Ethan 
(not to mention Mom, Lindsay and Dad, Todd)!

How many people are in your Family?
There are 6 members of our family!

Who in the family does RG?
Ella and Sarah participate in RG.

What are your favourite activities as a family?
We enjoy walks or biking at the river, campfires in the backyard and eating!

What other sports are the members of your family involved with?
Soccer, Motocross, Lacrosse, Baseball, Field Hockey, Tennis, Football, Golf, Swimming, Basketball, Street Hockey, Hiking and Snowshoeing!

Why Rhythmic Gymnastics? 
We didn't really know anything about RG. Ella and Sarah had been doing gymnastics, trampoline and dance from an early age. When we discovered it we jumped right in.

We stumbled across RG shortly after we moved to Chilliwack. Ella was looking for a new sport and FVRG welcomed us with open arms.

If you can combine 2 sports together to make 1 sport, what would they be and why?
Ella- RG and Motocross because you can do RG tricks on the bike!
                    Sarah- Volleyball and RG because you can use the ball and bump it while doing your routine!
                    Mya- soccer and tennis. No racket just using your body to hit the ball over the net.!
                    Ethan- football and just because they are my favourite

Thank you to the Marstons for being a part of FVRG's Gym Family and our very first Gym Family Spotlight!