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Rhythmic Gymnastics


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child try a class before we register?

If there is space in a class, parents may request a trial class (trials will not be permitted if the class is full, and space in the class will not be reserved for those who are trying the class). Gymnasts looking to progress into Advanced, Pre-Competitive or Competitive programs can request an assessment so the coach and the family can determine the best class for the gymnast. All gymnasts trying a class or participating in an assessment must have signed up for a Parent Account with FVRG. Please contact us for class trial/assessment requests. We offer a Try-It class on Saturdays (Sept-June) for 4-8 years for $5.00. 

How much do programs cost?
Each class is individually priced, with prices based on the amount of gym time the gymnast will  experience. Families can choose to pay in full at the start of the session, or pay in installments, with installment fees being slightly higher than the amount that would be paid in full (due to additional transaction fees). Families who choose to pay in installments must either do so with a credit card or post-dated cheques at the beginning of the season. All year long RG programs will have registration fees of $50 ($90 for competitive gymnasts), in addition to class fees.  Gymnasts registering for multiple programs will only pay one registration fee (whichever is highest). Any programs hosted by community schools will be priced and managed by the individual community school.

How do I register?
You may register for classes through our online registration system, found on our programs page or contact FVRG directly to register. Registration for any community school programs will take place directly through the community school association.

How and when can I pay my child’s class fees?
Class fees are due at the time of registration. Your child’s spot in the class will not be secured until payment has been received. Payment can be made via credit card through our online registration system. Families opting for a monthly payment option must put a credit card on file. We accept payment in cash , debit, credit card or cheque at the gym, during office hours (please contact us to make arrangements). Coaches are not permitted to take class payments in the gym. 

Are class fees refundable?

Our general policy is that once a transaction has taken place, it is not refundable. In special cases where refunds are granted (eg. moving away, medical challenges), administrative fees will be applied, to cover transaction fees. Registration fees are non-refundable. 

Can my child register for a class that has already started?
If there is space in the program, a gymnast may enter the class late, with the coach’s permission. Fees may be pro-rated. The registration fee can not be prorated.

Will you tell me if my child is talented?

FVRG has a belief that 'Talent IDing' young gymnasts is both unethical and ineffective. If a gymnast works hard, and loves the sport, they will be successful in their goals. If you would like to know if your child is physically ready for a specific class, please contact us. We are happy to arrange individual assessments or meetings to determine the best class placement for a child. All year-long gymnasts receive a report card towards the end of each season describing their strengths, challenges, and what programs they may be best suited for.

What should my child wear?
All Gymnasts are expected to dress appropriately for the sport. Bodysuits are ideal, but any form fitting, flexible clothing would be fine for introductory programs. If a gymnast chooses to wear pants that are not tights, tight fitting capris are best as it is safest for the gymnast to not accidentally step on her own pants. All gymnasts with long hair must have their hair pulled back and will have the choice of wearing toe slippers or bare feet to practices (clean, white socks are acceptable for pre-competitive and competitive gymnasts). Parents with Mom, Dad and Me and Almost Me classes are expected to follow the same footwear guidelines (absolutely no street shoes on the carpets!). Gymnasts will be expected to bring a water bottle to each class as well. No jeans or hair chalk/hair dye that could stain our carpets. FVRG has a wide range of gear and apparel options, which can be purchased during office hours. 

Can I watch my child's class?

We have a small parent area in our gym, where parents can see classes. The area is not meant to be a full viewing area, as we don't want gymnasts to feel like they are constantly watched, but programs are still visible. To protect our gymnasts and coaches, FVRG reserves the right to ask individuals who could be detrimental to program success, or who may compromise gymnast or coach safety (including parents), to leave the gym. Should these individuals choose to not voluntarily leave the facility, authorities will be contacted to ensure a continued safe environment. 

Can I wear my newborn and still participate in the Mom, Dad and Me class with my toddler?
Parent participation programs require the active participation of a parent/guardian/helper with their toddler. If the parent chooses to wear a baby in a baby carrier while participating with their toddler, they must ensure both children can participate safely, and are able to receive the attention they require. The parent must confirm with FVRG that including a baby in a carrier will be appropriate in the class environment prior to beginning.

What is the difference between a year-long program, and a session?

If you aren’t sure if your child is suited for gymnastics, or you aren’t sure if they will be able to commit for the fully year and a class performance, your child can register for a sessional set. The year-long programs will provide more progressions, more experiences, and will also include participation in the Year End Performance, at which gymnasts will perform one or two routines with their class. Gymnasts may join the year-long program mid-year, with the coach’s permission.

How many costumes will I have to buy?
Gymnasts in recreational and pre-competitive classes will have no costumes to purchase. Included in registration fees for year long classes is a tank top, which is to be worn for the year end performance, along with black shorts. Competitive gymnasts will be asked to purchase one competitive bodysuit, and tracksuit. More information about the fees associated with competitive programs can be found in the Parents' Guide. 

Can you host corporate team building session for my work? I think my boss would rock with a ribbon.
Yes! We can customize sessions to meet the objectives of your organization. Contact us!