Fraser Valley

Rhythmic Gymnastics



FVRG is passionate about coach education and is pleased to offer a variety of workshops to develop and maintain the skills of coaches and facilitators in a variety of sports. 

Workshops are available upon request, please contact us for workshop descriptions, pricing and availability.

  • Introduction to Apparatus Technique
  • Advanced Apparatus Technique
  • Flexibility Development Basics
  • Choreography and Style: Showing their Best 
  • Introduction to Flexibility Development for Gymnasts and Dancers
  • Advanced Flexibility Development for Gymnasts and Dancers (Available in 2017)
  • Strength Training for Gymnasts and Dancers (Available in 2017)
  • Physical Literacy: A Strong Base of Confidence and Movement
  • Using Gymnastics to Develop Physical Literacy
  • Long Term Athlete Development - Building Champions and Creating Healthy Adults
  • Fueling Young Athletes
  • Gymnastics for Movement and Muscles (Available in 2017)
  • The Problem Solvers: Coach Evaluators Using Their Superhero Powers for Good



FVRG has the capacity to offer the Coaching Association of Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) multi-sport and gymnastics related courses and workshops on a by request basis. Should you have questions regarding hosting a NCCP course at your facility or have a group of interested individuals please contact us for further details.

These courses are sanctioned by, and in partnership with Gymnastics BC, Rhythmic Gymnastics BC or viaSport BC.

  • Gymnastics Foundations (Rhythmic or Artistic)
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Competition-Introduction Multisport Module: Make Ethical Decisions
  • Competition-Introduction Multisport Module: Nutrition
  • Competition-Introduction Multisport Module: Planning a Practice
  • Competition-Introduction Multisport Module: Teaching and Learning
  • Competition-Introduction Multisport Module: Basic Mental Skills
  • Competition-Introduction Multisport Module: Design a Basic Sport Program
  • Coach Developer: Core Training for Learning Facilitators
  • Coach Developer: Core Training for Coach Evaluators
  • Coach Developer: Core Training for Master Coach Developers
  • Coach Developer: Content-Training for GF CEs for Artistic/Rhythmic

Further, we have the capacity to offer a wide range of other NCCP programming, by engaging facilitators from other sports and communities.